NZ Wedding Requirements

NZ Wedding Requirements

Getting married in New Zealand has some requirements that include:

  • If you have been married before, you need to produce a death certificate or dissolution of marriage from your previous spouse.
  • Persons aged 16 or 17 must obtain parental consent before they can marry.
    You cannot marry a close relative.
  • The marriage must be performed in the presence of a marriage celebrant or registrar.
  • There must be at least two witnesses.
  • You must say somewhere in your service words to the effect of “I …(full name) take you…(full name) to be my legal wife/husband”

You can apply for your marriage licence on line.  Further information is on the website or by telephone 0800 22 52 52

Please note that your marriage license is valid for three months and must be applied for at least four days prior to the wedding. I recommend doing it as close to the three month time as possible and I can help you with your application if required.

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