Wanaka Funeral Celebrant

Funerals & other Ceremonies


Arranging a funeral for a family member or close friend can be an enormous challenge. The grief and loss can be overwhelming. I will be empathetic, considerate and appropriate at every level. I appreciate there are different emotions for all who have experienced the loss. Initially, I will meet with you to listen carefully to those who will impart your loved ones story. I will ask, appropriately, questions about your loved one including information such as dates and years of significant milestones so I can write their unique story and present it as part of the significant ceremony their farewell will be. There is no set format. Anything is possible. It is your choice.

Unlike a wedding, there is not a lot time to craft the ceremony so my role is to gain your trust so you can get on with the many other arrangements required.

Other Ceremonies

  • Baby naming
  • Renewal of Marriage Vows
  • Civil Union
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Blessings
  • Memorials

All of these ceremonies can include input from family members if you want. I can make suggestions what these can be and work with you to ensure the celebration or ceremony is how you want it and a special day to remember.

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